Please make sure you have these settings selected, in case anything is not working properly.

  • General: Check for every poker client

    ■ Right-click the desktop icon ▸ "Properties" ▸ "Compatibility" ▸ "[x] Disable Display Scaling" & "[x] Run this program as administrator"

    ■ Make sure no 3rd-party table tiling software is running in the background. For table management, please use NEED4SEATS built in slotting feature

  • PokerStars

    ■ "Settings" ▸ "Table Appearance" ▸ "Table Display" ▸ "[x] Dim Players Not In The Hand"

  • Winamax

    ■ "Tools" ▸ "Options" ▸ "Table" ▸ "Display" ▸ "[ ] Expand sidebar for new tables (history + chat)"

  • IPoker

    ■ "Settings" ▸ "General" ▸ "[ ] Enable HighDPI"

  • ChicoPoker

    ■ "Settings" ▸ "Video" ▸ Choose "D3D8 Window" mode

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does NEED4SEAT open tables automatically, or do I have to open all the tables myself?

    No, NEED4SEAT does not open tables for you. You can however use TableScanTurbo to do that. Check out this guide on how to set it up.

  • I am using a custom table theme or a theme that is not currently supported by NEED4SEAT. Can we get that to work?

    Yes, we can. Please add me on skype so we can discuss the details.

  • How can I improve scanning speed?

    • Get a fast internet connection. This has by far the most influence on the scanning performance.
    • Make sure you have a fast computer, especially a good CPU.
    • Try not to have too much software running in the background. The busier your computer, the less priority can be given to table scanning.

This didn't help...

I followed the troubleshooting, but I can't get this damn thing to work.

Please add me on skype need4seat. You can also write a mail to, but skype is usually alot more effective.