Have a seat.


The redefinition of table-selection.

If you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker. Mike from the movie 'Rounders'

That's cool, but NEED4SEAT won't need half an hour. It spots the sucker in less than a fraction of a second and automatically seats you next to him. You focus on your game, while NEED4SEAT handles your table selection.

Why you should use NEED4SEAT

Instead of manually selecting tables.

  • Increase your winrate

    Sitting next to the fish every time will boost your winrate dramatically.

  • Play more tables

    With 8 supported poker clients, there will always be good games available.

  • Experience less variance

    With a better winrate, variance will have a much lower impact.

  • Improve your focus

    Observe your games instead of the poker lobbies.


Why others recommend it

  • Can't really get used to play without a script anymore. This really has made me some money!
    Its so cool that u can add custom layouts. Gonna tell all my highstakes friends about ur script, many of them will be happy!
    Thx Johannes! Your support is the best!

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