Setting up TableScanTurbo to use with Need4Seat

TST will automatically open tables and N4S will monitor them.

If you haven't done that already, head over to and download the trial version. It's fully functional and valid for 30 days. Please note that I have no affiliation with TableScanTurbo.

Scan filters

First open the 'Scan Filters' menu, by clicking Configure->Scan Filters. Click on 'Add New Filter'.

New scan filter

Copy these settings. You can vary the number of players at the table and the limits ofcourse. Personally, I think scanning 1-4 players is most efficient. Then make sure to check the advanced settings as well. Click 'Save Filter', we are done here.

Auto Waitlist

Goto Configure->AutoWaitlist. Again, copy these settings. Make sure to enter a high number into "Don't open tables when I have X tables open". Select 'Open Table' as Action. Click on 'Add New Filter'.

New table filter

Enter a name for the filter. Click 'Add' and select '# of Players' as a statistic and set it to 1-4. Again, you can vary this to your liking. Click 'Save Table Filter' and close the AutoWaitlist dialog.

Scan multiple sites

Click on 'Poker Site->Scan Multiple Sites'.

Finally, in the right corner of the TST window select your Scan Filter, select the Poker Sites you want to scan and hit 'Start PermaScan' together with 'Start AutoWaitlist'. Your tables should start opening automatically.

Can't get it to work?

Send me a message to or need4seat.