Getting Started.

NEED4SEAT is quite intuitive and easy to use. Nonetheless there is some setup you need to do, before you can start using it. This is a short guide, to help you set everything up as quickly as possible.

Prepare the poker client.

Right-click the poker client desktop icon, select "Properties" and switch to the "Compatibilty" tab. Disable display scaling and run the program as an administrator. Make sure to restart the poker client.

Make sure to restart the poker clients once you are finished.

Turn off 3rd party table tiling tools.

External tools like 'Placemint', 'Stack And Tile' or 'Table Tamer', that move or resize your tables will disrupt the table scan. Please turn them off.

NEED4SEAT has a built-in table tiling solution which you can configure in the settings.

Choose your table theme.

Start NEED4SEAT and open the client configuration window.

For each client, select the table theme that matches the one you chose in the poker software.

Select your player labels.

In the same window, select all the player labels you want to be seated next to.

If your table theme or player labels are not included, contact me so I can set things up for you.

  • PokerStars
  • iPoker
  • ChicoPoker

Configure the table appearance.

Open the PokerStars settings, go to "Table Display" from the "Table Appearance" menu and activate "Dim Players Not In The Hand".

Perfect, the configuration is complete.

Open a couple of poker tables and start the scan. NEED4SEAT will automatically table-select for you.

Good luck at the tables!

Ofcourse there are more things you can customize to your liking, but if you followed this guide, everything should be working. If you are still having problems with anything, I suggest you add me on skype.