Have a seat.

You can win thousands of dollars from recreational poker players – unfortunately you never get to play with them.

Table-selection has a critical impact on your profits. Increase your winrate and let NEED4SEAT take the best seats for you.


Four reasons to automate your table selection.

Higher Winrate

One Higher Winrate

Increase your profits immediately by playing softer tables with better position.

Less Variance

Two Less Variance

Lower your variance by increasing your winrate and playing more steadily.

Better Focus

Three Increased Focus

Keep yours eyes on the table, while table selection gets taken care of.

More Tables

Four More Tables

Play more tables from multiple poker clients as if it were just one.

More than just a seating script.

Lobby Scanner

Lobby Scanner

Tables are opened automatically based on the filters you set in the poker lobby. Start your session with the click of a button.

More Tables

Smart Auto Seating

The software remembers where you want to sit and where you don't. This makes the seating even more seamless.

Less Variance

Dynamic Table Tiling

The built-in dynamic table tiling automatically adjusts your table layout based on the number of tables you are currently playing.

Better Focus

Custom Table Themes

With the only seating script that supports the use of custom table themes, you can fully adjust the table visuals to your preferences.

More Tables

Auto Waitlist

Even the fastest seater cannot sit down at an already full table - it can get you the first spot on the waiting list, though.

More Tables

Distraction Free Mode

The 'Distraction Free Mode' allows you to focus even better. Scanned tables just disappear until you have been seated.

More Tables

Preferred Seating

Sometimes it's more convenient to have the button when a fish is in the blinds. Specify exactly where you want to be seated.

We value your security.

We understand that, as a poker player, you are taking your security on the web very seriously - and so do we! To give you the confidence that downloading and using NEED4SEAT is safe, we upload every release to virustotal.com, where it is scanned by 60 different virus and malware scanners.

Please note: because NEED4SEAT requires admin priviliges and interacts with the poker applications that are running on your computer, it is still known to trigger some virus scanners.

If you want to make sure that it's safe to launch NEED4SEAT, please review the virustotal report.

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If you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker. Mike McDermott

Start your session with the click of a button.

After you have completed the short on-screen tutorial, you can use the poker lobby filters to select which types of tables you want to play. Start the Lobby Scanner and everything will be automated for you across multiple clients.

Once the tables have been opened, the Table Scanner will monitor them and reserve a seat as soon as a recreational player appears.

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