How you can improve the speed of your seating script.

Created on January 11th, 2019

When the first seating scripts appeared a couple of years ago, they almost guaranteed you a seat at the table, when a recreational player appeared. In 2019 the situation looks a bit different. Almost every player from NL50 upwards is using an auto-seating script and of course there's no seat for everyone at the table.

NEED4SEAT is among the fastest seating scripts out there, but the question is what you can do to maximize the performance of your seating script and to increase your chances of having a seat on that profitable table next time. Here's what you can do.

Be the younger brother

As a child, have you ever played tag with a younger sibling? I usually got a headstart from my older brother and sometimes he just wasn't able to catch up, even though, as the older brother, he was a faster runner than I was. You don't want to be the older brother!

Before any seating script can take a seat for you, the information about the arrival of a new player has to travel from the poker client's servers all the way to your local computer. You want to make sure that that information travels as fast as it can, so that it arrives on your computer before it arrives on anyone else's. You want to be the one with the headstart!

To make that happen, get the fastest internet connection that's available. It might cost a dollar or two more, but I guarantee you, it's money well spent. You also want to avoid any indirections (read: VPN) the information might have to take on it's way to you.

Get a good pair of shoes.

Alright, now even though this is a sprint and you might have a headstart, you don't want to give up first place because you're running in an old pair of shoes. In order to take the seat at the table, your computer has to process the new information and take action accordingly. You can accelerate this by upgrading your computer's hardware and software.

First, get a fast CPU, because it has by far the most impact on the overall performance. Of course it doesn't hurt to upgrade everything else as well, while you're at it. You should probably buy an SSD and at least 16GB of RAM. This, too, is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Second, install Windows 10 and make sure that all your drivers are up to date. I know, when you're told to update your drivers in order to fix something, you rarely believe that it will actually help. But even though you don't always recognize it immediately it does make a difference. Just do it!

There will always be variance.

Okay, enough with the metaphors. Even with a fast computer, when you are scanning multiple tables, they have to be scanned one-by-one. Now when a recreational player appears at a table shortly after it has been scanned by your script, all the other tables have to be scanned before that particular table is analyzed again. That has two implications:

Luckily, as poker professionals, we have learned to embrace variance. Even though it's sometimes a bitch, without it, we wouldn't be able to do this in the first place. So increase your edge as much as you can, then focus on what you have control over.

Have a seat at the most profitable poker tables.

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